All styles have their own themes and meanings like in men, they have their own fashion and how the way they wear their clothes.Most of them are simple in clothes but in the eyes are very high fashion in quality, color, and of course how they use it. In choosing the right clothes is the fabric or the cloth, it should be good for you. Choose the type of fabric which you will be comfortable to wear. Like casual wears, the fabric should should fit to all men so they can use it limitless in any seasons, mostly in Summer. The most perfect colors for summer are pastel and lights like white, yellow, yellow-green, light blue, etc. The pants should also fit to the color you chose to wear this summer but if you want to wear shorts often, the right color is also a little bit light and plain colors like pink, white, and many. Checkered shorts are also the perfect to wear but the background of it should also be pastel or light. Lastly, if you're going to wear shoes in Hot season, the perfect to wear is rubber shoes. All colors but black is not that recognizable. Also socks are seldomly used in summer but if you want, it's also good for the covering of your feet. But remember, choose clothes in its fabrics because if it's not comfortable to you and you're forcing to wear it, your skin will be irritated and have blemishes due to irritations.
       Formal wears are very fashionable to look because the style is rich and very masculine. In choosing leather or formal shoes, black is the common because it  can be use in any types of clothes. Mostly, in Formal. But if you want another color like brown, be sure it will fit to the color of your coat, and pants. In coats, it should be well-designed and very pleasant  so it can be stylish to look. Like in the picture, the coat of the first man is grey and his pants is also grey that is simple but it is a very spectacular fashion style. Then, if you're going to wear another clothes after your coat, it can be t-shirt or long sleeves with ties ( you can wear it with Chaleco ), it should also fit to the coat. But if you get to choose white, it's perfect and natural.
   Most Formal wears are for winters like in the picture below. In choosing winter wears, it should make you uncold when glacial seasons occur. For fashion style on it, you can add more accessories in your winter styles like scarf, and a formal black hat. For the other ways and tips for choosing the right winter wears are the also the same in Formal wears.
      Leighton Meester, actress & singer who became popular in her role as Blair Waldorf in the famous television show "Gossip Girl". This celebrity is not just well-known for being an actress and singer but being a fashion icon. She made the ordinary girls be like her in her styles and moves. Her poise is very moralistic and her body is fit for the fashion industry.
 Her fashion styles in wearing splendid clothes are fierce, wild, natural, colorful, high-fashion, and very radiant.
    A couple of months ago, she visited in Manila,Philippines for a fashion show . She enjoyed partying with many celebrities that are Filipino. A little bit, she's wild but she's nice and talented. 

    At the end of the Final Season of Gossip Girl, fashion projects will come to her, and hoping she'll get another televisiona and movie projects .


       Junine Jarabo

        Born: January 4, 1998
        Origin: Filipino
        Country: Philippines


    October 2012