Leighton Meester, actress & singer who became popular in her role as Blair Waldorf in the famous television show "Gossip Girl". This celebrity is not just well-known for being an actress and singer but being a fashion icon. She made the ordinary girls be like her in her styles and moves. Her poise is very moralistic and her body is fit for the fashion industry.
 Her fashion styles in wearing splendid clothes are fierce, wild, natural, colorful, high-fashion, and very radiant.
    A couple of months ago, she visited in Manila,Philippines for a fashion show . She enjoyed partying with many celebrities that are Filipino. A little bit, she's wild but she's nice and talented. 

    At the end of the Final Season of Gossip Girl, fashion projects will come to her, and hoping she'll get another televisiona and movie projects .

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       Junine Jarabo

        Born: January 4, 1998
        Origin: Filipino
        Country: Philippines


    October 2012